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J10-611 WERA

This month with spring in the air we are bring you some new hand tools from are lovely friends at Wera Tools 

This Wera Kraftform compact set is a must have in all tool box for those quick handy jobs or in the draw round the yard . This set includes a long extension bit + popup holder containing 6 bits  

J10-611 (4)                        order ref: J10-611

This Kompakt Zyklop set is a handy set for the tiny fiddle jobs with the mini ratchet handles and screwdriver  

K55-507                                            order Ref - K55-507

We have may more wear tools in stock call or email us to find out more

If you looking to upgrade your tried old tools for new top end good quality or you are just a Wera Tool fan , these are the ones 

J10-254                                           Joker 4 pce set - Order Ref - J01-254

if you have any questions please ask. 




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