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With a recent increase in scrutiny on safety specs, we're getting asked by our customers;

  • what safety glasses do we need when using a nailgun?  
  • what are high impact safety glasses?
  • I need some high impact safety glasses, which ones do I need?  

    Below we try to set out some answers to those questions.

The technical bit:

There are 5 mechanical risk ratings for eye protection:

S:  Extra strong, resists a 22mm 43g ball bearing falling 1.3m
F: Low energy impact, resists a 6mm 86g ball at 45 meters per second
B: Medium energy impact, resists a 6mm 86g ball at 120 m/s
A: High energy impact, resists a 6mm 86g ball at 190 m/s

Most manufacture's produce specs in the F and B ratings only so these are the ones you need to keep an eye out for. (Pun intended!!)

This rating is normally stated along with the EN number on the specs themselves or in their specification such as:

EN166 1 F:2002
EN166 1 B 3 4:2002

Two of our most popular specs are:

Betafit Eiger - EN166 1 B 3 4:2002


Betafit Montana - EN166 1 F:2002


So what does all this mean?

When you get asked to wear high impact glasses or glasses suitable for use with nail guns there are a few things to consider:

1/ Is there a specific mechanical rating they are asking for on the site?
2/ Normally the recommended rating for glasses when using nail guns is B.
3/ Ironically most glasses supplied with nail guns are only F rated.
4/ Standard safety specs cannot reach the rating of B so goggles would need to be worn to achieve this rating.
5/ We're yet to find any goggles that meet the A rating. 

A bit more about the Betafit Eiger goggles

These ski- style goggles are light and pleasant to wear.  They have a:
* soft and flexible inner face seal
* indirect vents
* anti-mist lens
* anti-scratch polycarbonate lens
* excellent all round vision

Well worth giving a try.


Order Ref: H03-007
Boxed in 6's

We hope this has been helpful in giving you a better understanding of this topic.  If we can assist further please reach out to us.




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